SSCN-3 is a small size(10cm x 7cm x 3cm) network audio processing module, designed to build in the power amplifiers, active speakers and other traditional analog audio devices. It would have powerful DSP processing function and CobraNet connectors after installed the SSCN-3 module, and could be centralized management through the network.

SSCN-3 provides the standard CobraNet connectors, could build the network audio system with the CobraNet device to transmit and receive the CobraNet audio signals. The SSCN-3 module have 2 analog audio signal input channels(one stereo channel) and 2 analog audio signal output channels(one channel stereo), 2 CobraNet audio signal input channels(one stereo channel).The input/output channels could be customized by request.

SSCN-3 has powerful DSP audio processing function, it integrated many different algorithm modules like the routers ,levelers, meters, filters, EQ, compressor, delays, mute, phase inverter, etc. All of them could be defined and adjusted according user's request.

SSCN-3 supports the PCM digital stream audio outputs, open data transmit, and could detect the analog and TTL control input. User could define the function according their different application, like to detect the voltage, current, temperature, to remote control the Power ON/OFF through the network.

SSCN-3 also provide the RS232/RS485 connector, that could be connected to external device for data communication, to supervise the functions and configure the parameters.

The SSCN management software could manage and monitor hundreds of the devices that have installed the SSCN-3 module. Through the network, it could switch the input line, control and modify the signal level, detect the device's work status, remote control the power ON/OFF, and also it could online configure the DSP parameters.
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