NTB (Network Talk Back) is a network paging system, which is based on CobraNet technology. Connecting the NTB devices to LAN, the terminal station NTB-20T and master station NTB-20 can establish a paging system controlled by the NIS software.

A NTB system must including a master device NTB-20 and several terminal device NTB-20T, both of them have one channel analog input, one XLR microphone input; And one channel analog output, one 3.5mm headphone connector and one internal speaker output.

The paging system could select the terminals, groups or broadcast mode to calling. And the system could control and set the talk commission. The master always has talk commission, and the master could cancel the talk commission of the selected terminal device. The terminal could cancel its own talk commission or send the request to the master for resume its own talk commission.

The paging system also could record the talking voice between the master device and the terminal devices.

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