NSP-100 is a graphical software application developed by Digispider that running on a standard Windows PC (XP, Vista, Windows 7), used to design, deploy and control a system of the CNP series, CFM series, TR2000 series and TR800 devices. The NSP-100 application software is present to the system engineer for the network audio system built and debug. Once a system is deployed and adjusted, the control PC is not required any more for the system operating, even after the power off and restart. The main functions of the NSP-100 application software are including: control the route and configure the DSP arithmetic of the digital audio signal.

NSP-100 Assist is a control-only application, can be used to present customized user-interfaces to the end-user. The end-user could control the system very conveniently, like change the application mode, adjust the output audio volume, select the audio input source etc.

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