The TR800 is a small size CobraNet audio signal transmitter, it can transmit or receive CobraNet audio signals in real time on a Cobranet Ethernet network. The delay is less then 5-millisecond .The TR800 have 2 channels analog balanced input and 2 channels analog balanced output, also support to transmit 2 channels Cobranet audio channels and receive 2 channels Cobranet audio channels. The TR800 could detect the enviroment noise by the Microphone input and auto modify the output volume. TR800 have the GPIO port, the GPI function could be used to exchange the input router or control the output volume, and the GPO function could be used to control the other devices.

All the parameters and functions are controlled by the NSP-100 software. And all of the parameters can be downloaded and stored in TR800 device's flash memory.

The TR800 also can carry and utilize control and monitor data such as Simple Network Management Protocol(SNMP) through the same network connection as the audio.

The TR800 device is very suitable for the network audio broadcasting system because of the small size, flexible configuration and the easy installation.
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