TR2000 network audio matrix,the new generation network audio system of DigiSpider, achieves the seamless integration of the CobraNet audio transmit and audio DSP technologies. Each audio input channel has a customized digital audio signal processing block. The new generation TR2000 device is designed to operate under the DigiSpider's NSP-100 network platform. TR2000 series network audio matrix device use 24bit/48KHz signal processing without compression throughout the signal path to guarantee the high quality audio.

The TR2000 device is the flexible module structure, has eight I/O board slots that could plug the audio I/O card to support different number of the analog audio input/output channels. And it also support maximum 16 CobraNet receive channels and maximum 16 CobraNet transmit channels.

TR2000 series network audio matrix device has 2 RJ-45 connecters or fiber optic interfaces that may be used simultaneously. And a redundant power module could be customized so that if the main power module failed, the secondary power module would take over automatically.

With the NSP-100 software, the user could design, test and deploy professional audio reinforcement and distribution systems ranging in size from one to hundreds of channels. Through NSP-100 software, it could to configurable the DSP function for each audio input channel.
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