CFM is an intelligent conference mixer dedicated designed for all forms of conference discussion systems. Using CFM conference mixer, it would be quite a cozy job to create a conference system, just by connecting the external equipments such like microphones and speakers etc.

There are two different types of CFM intelligent mixer to meet the demands of different requests of different sorts of conferences. They are the CFM-1006 conference host computer and the CFM-800 conference extended unit. CFM-1006 can provide 8 net input signals and 10 Microphone input signals to create a 16*8 intelligent mixer.

The DSP function can be controlled by the NSP-100 software, each function module of the CFM device allows for configuration and modification of parameters via NSP-100 software and can download them to the CFM hardware. CFM device can be used independently separated from computer at the very moment of successfully downloading and confirming the DSP parameters.

CFM conference mixer can provide various forms of audio ports, and all of the function setup can be customized by the command of NSP-100 software via network. CFM can be used independently separated from NSP-100 software after the very moment of successfully confirming parameter setup. According to different application situation, there are two application modes: stand alone mode and network mode.
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