The CNP888 is a 1U CobraNet multipurpose mixing, routing, and processing device which simultaneously handles up to 16 audio channels in a CobraNet network system. It utilizes the SHARC processor (2.4GFLOPS) to manipulate audio signal with 40-bit floating-point precision using DigiSpider's NSP-100 software. The CNP888's digital signal processing (DSP) implements the following audio processing blocks: Delays, Routers, Mixers, Levelers, Compressors, Limiters, Noise Gates, Expanders, Signal Generator, Parametric Equalizers, Graphic Equalizers, Filters, Crossovers, Level Meters, feedbacks, Wise Mixers. CNP888 have 8 Microphone or Line audio input channels and 8 Line audio output channels, 8 CobraNet receive channels and 8 CobraNet transmitter channels. It can process 16 audio channels that from the local audio input and the CobraNet input, then output the processed signals to its line output ports and the CobraNet output.

The CNP888 is controlled and configured by the NSP-100 software through the Network. The NSP-100 software provides real-time control of the CNP888 and the other DigiSpider CobraNet equipment. This software provides many virtual DSP functions such as delays, routers, mixers, dynamic controllers, crossovers, equalizers, feedbacks etc. All CNP888 process parameters can be stored in flash memory. And there are 8 preset modes could be set by the NSP-100 software. You can select CNP888 models for many different applications.

The CNP888 have many benefits, like easy installation, easy operation, flexible configuration.

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